Calamity EP3 Runyon Canyon

Show Description: Calamity Jane guides a theatre troupe across hostile lands while fleeing the ghosts of her past.

Episode 3 is available: Jane and the theatre troupe encounter their greatest obstacle yet.


Calamity Episode 3: Runyon Canyon

Location: INT. JAILHOUSE: Present day - DAY

Sounds: Door opens and the Sheriff’s measured boots calmly stop
before her.

SHERIFF (V.O.): My deputy says you been causing a
ruckus all night.

JANE (V.O.): You believe everything your deputy

SHERIFF (V.O.): I have the keys to your cuffs.

JANE (V.O.): What’s it gonna take to get out
this cell?

SHERIFF (V.O.): I’ll take care of the cuffs if you
answer truthfully from here on out.

JANE (V.O.)(annoyed): What makes you think I’m a liar?

SHERIFF (V.O.): Lieutenant Elick Townsend. I learned it’s no secret you two were

JANE (V.O.)(taunting): Don’t tell me you’re jealous now?

SHERIFF (V.O.): Why did you lie about knowing him?

JANE (V.O.): Because I knew you wouldn’t believe both of us served with Captain
O’Rourke. Right back when General Custer decided to make his last stand.

SHERIFF (V.O.): You did NOT get deployed. Do not disgrace the memory of those men
with your lies.

JANE (V.O.): They didn’t give me no fancy uniform but I was there. And so
what if Elick and I knew eachother?

JANE(V.O CONT'D): Didn’t make searching for Danger
any easier. Not when you’re moving an entire theatre troupe across
hostile lands. Some ways I’m lucky he stuck around.

SHERIFF (V.O.): That don’t make sense. He believes the Captain’s dead, but is still
helping you search for his horse?

JANE (V.O.): Elick knew Keema just like I did. Doesn’t believe she’d part with
that horse either. Just like you wouldn’t believe me if I told you
your deputy’s been stealing hay from the stables.

SHERIFF (V.O.): Hmmm, now that I believe.

JANE (V.O.): Can I get these cuffs off now?
ain’t like I’m going anywhere.

Sounds: Sheriff slides the door open & removes the handcuffs.

JANE (V.O.): Ah much better, thank you kindly. Now what about these leg irons?

SHERIFF (V.O.): Those stay.

SHERIFF (V.O CONT'D): So your grand plan was to check each town hoping to recover your
Captain’s treasure?

JANE (V.O.): I had a few ideas. All of them meant surviving the trail though.


FAITH: He’s persistent...

JANE(teasing): You jealous?

FAITH(admiring): Hmm, strong, tall and handsome. Why
didn’t you tell me about him?

JANE: Maybe I should be jealous.

FAITH(playful): Stop.

FAITH: Though I wonder how many of your war stories I could pry out of the
lieutenant if I tried.

JANE: Don’t you dare!

FAITH: Dare what, love? I’m just getting

Sound: Elick’s horse rides up to Jane.

ELICK: Is that your woman?

JANE: Sometimes I wonder.

ELICK: You don’t travel light anymore.

JANE: Ain’t exactly my choice.

ELICK: Does the theatre really need pigs,
and chickens?

JANE: You tried having bacon and eggs
without em?

ELICK: Seriously, Janie. When we get to Yankton we should look for those battle plans.

JANE: I don’t remember re-enlisting.

ELICK(skeptical): But you remember O’Rourke coming to
see you?

JANE: How do you even know those plans
are in Yankton?

ELICK: Call it a hunch. And why is your boss so convinced this is the
best path? Outlaws aplenty there.

JANE: No one’s asked you to ride this way.

ELICK: No. Yet here I am.

Sound: A third horse trots up beside them.

VIOLET: You are right where you are meant to be, Lieutenant.

ELICK: I’m afraid my wife will disagree with you there, miss.

VIOLET: Wendy is doing just fine. Do not worry for her.

Sound: Violet spurs the horse and gallops ahead of the caravan.

ELICK: Who on god’s green earth is that? and how does she know about my wife?

JANE: Violet Silva. Our resident oracle/fortune teller.

ELICK: Where was she when your boss got
hit by the counterfeit fiends back

JANE: Probably all part of her divine plan.

JANE (CONT'D): Those secret service boys still trailing us?

ELICK: Mmm-hmm. Any chance they’re going to Yankton for fun?

JANE: Doubt it. Whatever their beef is, it’s Dante’s problem.

ELICK: Does that free you up to find Danger?

JANE: Yankton is a major hub. Someone’s bound to know something about Keema.


Sounds: Jane and Elick’s horses gallop to a stop.

JANE: What’s the hold-up?

DANTE: See for yourself. No way that bridge can hold the bulls.

ELICK: Nevermind the bulls. One step on that thing and it’s all over.

Sound: Jane whistles.

JANE: Hey Matty! Lend us a hand?

DANTE: He’s no dog, Jane.

JANE: Yeah, but he’s loyal.

MATTHEW: Ah Jane. Always one step off the ledge with you.

JANE: We need your expertise in getting from A to B.

MATTHEW: That bridge don’t look too good.

JANE: These chicken-folk here agree. But I know you’ll give us options?

ELICK: Who you calling chicken-folk?

DANTE: I don’t care what you think. We’re not risking my animals or people on
this. I’m turning this caravan around.

JANE: See them hills, boss? That’s a good two and half-day’s ride to get around em’.

JANE (CONT'D): We stop at Sturgis to restock and we’ll miss the second
anniversary of Deadwood’s establishment.

JANE (CONT'D): Lots of real money walking away once it’s over.

ELICK (whisper): What in the hell are you doing?

JANE (whisper): Getting us to Yankton quicker.

ELICK: I’m a fan of arrivin’ alive, myself.

DANTE(reluctant): She’s right. Matthew, can you stabilize the

Sounds: chains clang against the cell.

SHERIFF (V.O.): Large gathering. More people. Higher chance of catching up to
your friend Keema.

JANE (V.O.): Now you’re getting it, Sheriff.

SHERIFF (V.O.): All this for gold?

JANE (V.O.): If anyone had O’Rourke’s gold it’d be Keema. We just had to follow Danger.

SHERIFF (V.O.): What made you so sure she didn’t buy a new steed?

JANE (V.O.): Only person who loved that horse more than O’Rourke was Keema herself. She wouldn’t just sell him.

ELICK: You really think she’ll be there?

JANE: I wanna find out.

MATTHEW: We can make it work, but...we’ll have to be careful.

MATTHEW (CONT'D): See that ledge above us? We can set anchors to steady the bridge for extra support.

DANTE(cautious): If they prove to hold up, we’ll make it across in time.

ELICK: And if they don’t?

DANTE: Then I hope you made peace with your god, Lieutenant.

MATTHEW: Or we could just fill the canyon, boss. Detonate the cliffside and let the landslide create nature’s bridge.

DANTE: Out of the question. I don’t want a whole canyon on top of us.

MATTHEW: It is quicker.

ELICK: There’s quick and there’s dead. I know which I’d rather be. Jane clasps Elick on the back.

JANE: Well today’s your lucky day, Lieutenant. Let’s go blow us up a canyon.

JANE (CONT'D): Climb looked easier than it was.Could feel each rock tear into my
palms as Elick and I scaled the cliff’s edge.

Sounds: gasps of climbing and steady increase of fallaway rocks.

SHERIFF (V.O.): Taking the long way around would’ve worked too.

JANE (V.O.): You still don’t get it, Sheriff. We
were running out of time. We had to get those plans--I mean, our plans
were to get...that gold. While Keema was still close.

SHERIFF (V.O.): Let’s say I believe your story. Keema still has a head start and a
horse full of money. Why not send the lieutenant ahead?

JANE (V.O.): Because I know Keema and I know Elick. What I didn’t know is who was telling the truth.

SHERIFF (V.O.): I see. Doubting your friends is a slippery slope.

Sounds: Elick grabs a loose rock and slips.

ELICK: Whoa!

JANE: Hang on!

Sound: bullwhip crack wraps around his hand.

JANE (CONT’D): Gotcha!

JANE (CONT’D): Don’t go falling on me now.

ELICK: That was too close. Thanks, Janie.

JANE: Don’t mention it. Now help me move this boulder.

Sound: Jane strains to move a boulder. Elick puts his shoulder to it.

ELICK: Last chance to back out!

Sounds: the boulder nudges forward into place.

JANE: There we go! This’ll rustle up some rock on the way down.

ELICK: Think we got a long enough wick?

JANE: Leave the explosive to me. Just set the anchors for our slide down.

ELICK: You’ve come a long way since the war.

JANE: How so?

ELICK: You peace.

JANE: You sound ready to read me last rights. Afraid of a little explosion?

ELICK: It’s not that. I just mean ever since Bill--

JANE: Bill’s dead. Ain’t nothing more to talk about, friend.

ELICK: Well, alright then. I just mean it was a shame when you left the
cavalry, boys an I were worried about you. It’s just nice to see
you happy is all.

JANE: What do you know? there’s life outside the army.

ELICK: That’s what my wife always says.

JANE: You should listen, Wendy’s a smart woman. Now let’s get down there before my woman gets ideas.

Sound: Jane lights the TNT.

ELICK: You mean like crossing the bridge by her lonesome?

JANE: She can’t be serious. Come on!

JANE (V.O.): Faith’ll be the death of me. I know
she liked attention but this was a
whole new league. She was halfway
across the bridge by the time we
set off the explosives. I know she
heard em but that wasn’t stopping

SHERIFF (V.O.): Kinda reminds me of someone.

Sounds: As they rappel down the canyon.

JANE: Faith! Canyon’s about to blow, get back here!

FAITH: Just a sec. There’s a--

JANE: Now!

Sound: TNT explosion, rumbling canyon landslide.

SHERIFF (V.O.): There’s no way that bridge would’ve
held up long enough to get her back.

JANE (V.O.): Didn’t stop me from trying.

Sounds: Jane is running as the first splinters make contact
with the side of the bridge.

JANE (V.O.): I leapt from the ledge and booked it towards her.

JANE (V.O.): Giant boulder broke the bridge between us. We were tossed sky high
before free-falling.

Sound: whip crack and connects with a solid post.

JANE (V.O.): I sent the whip cracking and found anchor above leaving Faith and I hanging on a prayer.

SHERIFF (V.O.)(surprised): You caught her?

JANE (V.O.): Course’ I did.

FAITH: Jane...look, down there.

JANE: Don’t look down. Just hang on!

ELICK: Jane?

JANE: Over here! Pull us up.

ELICK: We’re on it, hang tight.

Sound: The snake of a rope starts pulling upwards.

FAITH (seething): Have you lost your goddamn mind?

JANE: Was about to ask you the same question. We were blowing up the cliffside!

FAITH: I was scouting ahead. There was a path below!

JANE: I don’t care if there’s gold below. You could’ve been killed, Faith!

FAITH (sarcastic): That’s rich.

MATTHEW: You ladies alright?

FAITH: I’m fine thanks.

JANE: You’re not fine! What the hell’s gotten into you?

FAITH: So it’s only okay when you risk your life?

JANE: I trained for this. I LIVED this.
It ain’t some stage-show where you
get to play dress-up.

FAITH: Do not make this about me. You’re
the one who chose the bigger risk
instead of doing your job and
scouting ahead. You buried a good
walking path! Locals who depend on it daily now have to
risk your rocky road!

JANE: I did what I had to do.

FAITH: No. You do what you want with no
regard for anyone else. This will
not stand!

Sounds: Faith storms away.

JANE: Faith wait!

ELICK: Whoa there, let her go, Calamity. Let her cool.

DANTE: Enough! We got our high road, let’s

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Episode Cast:

  • Sarah Ruth Thomas as Calamity Jane
  • Nathan Sager as Lieutenant Elick Townsend
  • Gianni Matragrano as Sheriff Boyd
  • Katabelle Ansari as Faith Johnson
  • Enzo Fortuny as Dante Cortez
  • Lili Barba as Violet Silva
  • Brian Lynn as Matthew Hardecker


  • Written, Directed & Produced by Jules Siege
  • Casting by Sandra Kyuumei
  • Sound Design by James Findlater
  • Calamity Main Theme is composed by Kevin MacLeod
  • Art Direction by Jocelyn Combe
  • Special Thanks to Den Valdron

Music is provided by Storyblocks unless otherwise noted.

  • Loopable Southern Guitar by Raighes Factory SBA-300537460
  • Cobra by Raighes Factory SBA-300537097
  • It Could be Rain by Raighes Factory SBA-300525719
  • Black by Brad Majors SBA-300531389
  • Views From the Top of a Mountain by Tencher Music SBA-300541649
  • Chase by Humans Win SBA-300538542