Calamity EP7 A Warning

Show Description: Calamity Jane guides a theatre troupe across hostile lands while fleeing the ghosts of her past.

Episode 7 is available: In the aftermath of the Nomad attacks, Jane is haunted by a warning for what lies ahead.

JANE (V.O.): Wasn't long before Lightfoot's gang was chased off by our saviours. They even left their food behind. Though we gave most of it to the Lion.

SHERIFF (V.O.): Who exactly rescued you all?

JANE (V.O.): The only person I love more than anything.


JANE: You ever think to name that thing?

FAITH: Lions are kings as is, last thing they need is names.

JANE: Now you sound like Lightfoot.

Sound: Elick's bootsteps walk over.

ELICK: If you two are done, you mind passing me a blanket?

FAITH: Here lieutenant. How you holding up?

ELICK: I’m fine, can’t say the same for violet over there though. She’s been chanting something ever since we got inside.

VIOLET (in spanish):
Por favor, protege nuestro paso...querida diosa entiende que fuimos enganados por el hombre que dice ser tu discipulo. Por favor, ten piedad
VIOLET (in english):
Please protect our safe passage...dear goddess understand that we were led astray by the man claiming to be your disciple. Please have mercy...

JANE (V.O.): She did that anytime she wanted to ‘get in touch with the spirits’, except only spirits I seen her touch was in a bottle. I left Elick to care for her since Dante was all about making his Lion comfortable. That’s when the secret service boys approached me. I could see the vengeance in their eye.

SPENCE: Calamity. (to Faith) And ma’am.

FAITH: Faith’s just fine for me, thanks.

SPENCE: Right. Guess we owe this group an apology.

JANE: Told you I ain’t in the business of making ghost towns.

MILLS: It appears not. We thought all the Nomads were hunted down and since your kind was the last to...encounter them...we thought you’d carried on their traditions.

JANE: I ain’t in that line of work. But here, you should take this. Might explain your counterfeit coin.

Sound: Jane tosses them the minting plates.

SPENCE: Hey now we’re talking. Where’d you find the minting plate?

JANE: The Nomads were using them to make their own coin.

SPENCE: Where’s the other half?

JANE: Your guess is as good as mine. Just get some justice for those they ‘sacrificed’.

MILLS: They’ll pay for their crimes, don’t you worry. And ma’am...I mean Faith...thank you for saving us back there.

FAITH: It wasn’t just me, sugar. Thank my dad.

JANE: Dad?

Sound: Door creaks open as Vernon walks in, proud and tall.

VERNON: We’re clear! Everyone in one piece?

FAITH: Dad. I want you to meet Calamity Jane. My girlfriend.

VERNON: The Calamity Jane?

JANE (cautious): Yeah, it’s ... me alright.

VERNON: You’re the one my little Faith’s been writing home about? My goodness, come’ere girl! So good to finally meet you.

JANE (V.O.): His hug was like a vice, twirled me around too like a giant bear. was nice for a change.

SHERIFF (V.O.): Being somewhere you’re wanted?

JANE (V.O.): Yeah.

FAITH: Okay, okay, let her go before you crush her.

JANE: Wow...ah, good to meet you too.

VERNON: You have no idea how my daughter’s raved of your adventures. I need details.

FAITH: You can get em’ later, dad. Let her breath. I’ll go check on Violet.

MILLS: Thank you for saving us, sir. Who do we owe the pleasure?

VERNON: Vern Johnson, I lead the Rapid City Militia. And don’t mention it, we’ve been fighting em’ for years. Rascals always try & free our cattle.

SPENCE: Where are they now?

VERNON: They were headed North before we lost them in the canyons.

SPENCE (to Mills): Gives us enough time to rustle up Fort Pierre.

MILLS: They’ll be long gone by the time we get the army.

JANE: Do ya’ll have a telegram in Rapid City?

VERNON: We do, but good luck trying to get anyone to pickup on the other end.

SPENCE: When’s the last time anyone heard from Ft. Pierre?

SHERIFF (V.O.): I find that interesting. Army’s always got someone manning the telegram.

JANE (V.O.): Of course they do now. But we didn’t know why the military was ignoring Rapid City back then.

SHERIFF (V.O.): It’s complicated.

VERNON: You’re assuming there’s a first. We saw the regulars marching by once months ago, but haven’t seen em’ since. Figured they were taking the railways now.

SPENCE: That ain’t good.

MILLS: Agreed. We need to ride, now.

ELICK: What’s this I’m hearing?

JANE: Ft. Pierre’s gone silent. The secret service here don’t like it.

ELICK: They were supposed to be on hand for General Mile’s plans.
(Unsure) Could be they’d already left for the front line.

SPENCE: And leave a fort completely unmanned? that sound right to you?

ELICK (irritated): Wartime calls for breaks in procedure.

MILLS: Not like this. Come on, we’re going.

JANE: Does that mean we’re still off your radar?

MILLS: Don’t mean anything without that second minting plate. But I don’t believe what happened in Yankton had anything to do with you.
Mr. Johonson, we need to commandeer two of your horses.

SPENCE: And supplies. I ain’t dying in no desert if I can help it.

VERNON: I’ happy to help the secret service of course.

ELICK: Hell of a night.

JANE: I’ll say. How you holding up?

ELICK: I’ve been better, not gonna lie. But knowing Ft. Pierre’s most likely on the front-lines doesn’t sit well with me.

ELICK (CONT'D): If those plans
got to the wrong hands, our boys
could be walking into an ambush.

JANE: We’ll get em’ back.


JANE: Keema wouldn’t go North. If what you’re saying’s true, it’s about to
be a battlefield and she’d know that from the war plans. There’s
nothing for her down south. That leaves the coasts...she always
wanted to leave the continent.

ELICK: Closest one’s east.

JANE: That’s right.

JANE (CONT’D): She would’ve passed through Rapid City...

ELICK: So we ask that Vern fella and move on.

JANE: Wait. This needs to be airtight...I don’t want Faith’s folks to worry.

ELICK (teasing): Ah yes that’s right, you gotta play nice with potential in-laws now.

JANE: No. The war plans come first, I just don’t want to drag my
girlfriend or her family further into this. Her father’s done enough
as is. You’d do the same for Wendy.

ELICK: Fair point. I’ll go check when we can leave.

VIOLET (in english)
Please protect our safe passage...dear goddess understand that we were led astray by the man claiming to be your disciple. Please have mercy...No, I...I can’t be your vessel. Please. This is not the time or place, Mr. Hickok Jane does not wish to speak with you...just rest...(
VIOLET (CONT’D) (in spanish)
Por favor, protege nuestro paso...querida diosa entiende que fuimos enganados por el hombre que dice ser tu discipulo. Por favor, ten piedad...No, yo... no puedo ser tu recipiente. Por favor. Este no es el momento ni el lugar, Sr. Hickok, ella no desea hablar con usted...solo descansar

JANE: How’s Violet doing?

FAITH: I’ve never seen her like this before.

JANE: Hey, Vi?

FAITH: She’s been at it for some time now. At least she ain’t cold anymore. Where’d my dad go?

JANE: He’s giving our secret service friends some horses.

FAITH: Course he is. What about you? Found that other horse of yours yet? or those war plans?

JANE: Ain’t mine. But we’ll find him.

VERNON: Bundle up everyone, we’ll rest here then my militia and I will escort all of you’s to Rapid City at first light.

DANTE: I’d like to put as much distance between us & this place as we can.

VERNON: I understand that, but a large party like ours is gonna move slow. You don’t wanna be out there in the dead of night.

DANTE: Why’s that?

JANE (warning): Boss. We could all use a break.

DANTE: Easy for you to say! What did you do when everything went to hell, huh? Made friends with that tree hugger!

JANE: He was crazy, you know & saw that.

DANTE: I was kept outside in the pouring rain while you were here eating and drinking.

FAITH (to Jane): What’s he talking about?

JANE: It ain’t what it sounds like.

ELICK: Whoa, let’s take a step back there friend.

DANTE: I ain’t your friend. Neither is she! You were tied up and ready to be killed, what did your ‘friend’ do? Nothing! You know what, I think it’s time I-­

JANE: That’s enough. I disarmed Lightfoot. I freed Elick and I was the one who delayed you all from becoming sacrificial lambs on the posts.

JANE (CONT'D): So don’t you dare come at me with this nonsense Boss. Aside from Elick, not a single one of you knows what happens when you -­

VIOLET: Take a life that’s not yours.

FAITH: Violet?

JANE: What’s going on here?

VIOLET: Your sins cannot be cleansed through fire or blood. Walk and let her go, Calamity Jane.

JANE: Let who go?

Sound: Violet falls.

DANTE: Violet! It’s okay, I got you.

ELICK: Keep back, give her some air.

VERNON: I’ll get her some water.

SHERIFF (V.O.): Let who go?

JANE (V.O.): Is it obvious, Sheriff? Cause it wasn’t to me.

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Episode Cast:

  • Sarah Ruth Thomas as Calamity Jane
  • Nathan Sager as Lieutenant Elick Townsend
  • Gianni Matragrano as Sheriff Boyd
  • Katabelle Ansari as Faith Johnson
  • Enzo Fortuny as Dante Cortez
  • Lili Barba as Violet Silva
  • Josh Musser as Lightfoot
  • Robin Robbins as Wild Bill Hickok
  • Samuel Vsetula as Agent Spence
  • Paul Warren as Agent Mills
  • Mike Cuellar as Vernon Johnson
  • Andrew Gomez as Nomad 1


  • Written, Directed & Produced by Jules Siege
  • Casting by Sandra Kyuumei
  • Sound Design by James Findlater
  • Calamity Main Theme is composed by Kevin MacLeod
  • Art Direction by Jocelyn Combe
  • Special Thanks to Den Valdron

Music is provided by Storyblocks unless otherwise noted.

  • Before the Fight by Michael Vignola SBA-300416679
  • Build to the Sun by Humans Win SBA-346419898
  • Hammurabi by Marcus Bressler SBA-346615225
  • Horizon and Beyond by Raighes Factory SBA-300537232
  • Banjo Dance by Humans Win SBA-346634607
  • Scorching Action by Jon Presstone SBA-346517407