Calamity EP9 Synchronicity

Show Description: Calamity Jane guides a theatre troupe across hostile lands while fleeing the ghosts of her past.

Episode 9 is available: It’s the night of the big show and Jane seeks Violet’s guidance in navigating a higher plane of existence.


GRACE: Oh I must say, it’s so nice to see this place in lights. Especially with Faith playing the headline.

VERNON: Yeah! I remember this one time we built her a mini-stage, just a simple box with a bush in the back. She wouldn’t get off the ‘stage’ for the whole day.

JANE: She’s got a much bigger & brighter stage now, that’s for sure.

GRACE: Thank you for bringing her back to us. I know it probably wasn’t easy...she just loves to keep moving that one.

JANE: I’ve noticed. And honestly it was her idea to come here, I just...wanted her to be safe.

GRACE: You love my daughter.

JANE: Very much.

GRACE: Then know one thing, Jane. Once her mind’s made up, there ain’t no going back. When she wants something, she wants all of it.

JANE: I understand.

GRACE: I don’t think you do. But perhaps one day you might.

SHERIFF (V.O.): Does everyone you meet talk in riddles?

JANE (V.O.): No she was pretty clear here. If Faith and I were gonna have any kind of life, I couldn’t keep her at arms length no more. I had to make a choice.

VERNON: Come on ladies, show’s about to start!

JANE: Go, I’ll be right there.

FAITH: Someone say my name?

FAITH (CONT’D): I’m Calamity Jane. Welcome to my next adventure!


VIOLET: Come back after the show. I am taking--oh. You’re early.

JANE: Still up for that read?

VIOLET: You wish to hear the truth?

JANE: For once in my life yes.

JANE (CONT’D): Tell me, Vi. Am I chasing the dead across the desert?

VIOLET: That is not what you believe.

JANE: I can’t let her go. I need to find Keema. Figure out what mess she’s got herself into.

VIOLET: Then what?

JANE: Then I travel in peace with ya’ll just like old times. Ride, perform, move on.

VIOLET: It is never that simple. Come on, close your eyes.

JANE: I came for a reading, not a-­

VIOLET: It will allow me to open your mind. See what you see in this crystal ball.

SHERIFF (V.O.): Do you really believe in all that?

JANE (V.O.): No. But I admit Violet had her moments, just like that time in the cabin.

JANE: Okay, here goes.

VIOLET: Try to relax.

JANE: Is that incense?

VIOLET: For the spirit that shadows you.

JANE: Am I supposed to feel anything?

VIOLET: Relaxed.


VIOLET: Try to be still.

JANE: Ain’t you supposed to chant something?

VIOLET: Quiet. Let the spirits talk.

JANE (V.O.): We sat still forever, I was about to drift off when I heard it...

WILD BILL: It’s been a long time my friend.

JANE: Bill?

WILD BILL: One and only.

JANE: How can you--? You’re dead! Where’s Violet?

WILD BILL: No one ever really dies.

JANE: I...I didn’t get McCall. He’s still alive, but once I’m done here I’ll make sure he burns. He’ll pay for what he did-­

WILD BILL: Let it go.

JANE: Let it go? the scumbag killed you! You of all people deserve justice and -­

WILD BILL: It don’t matter to me. Besides, I ain’t here for him. I’m here for you.


WILD BILL: Yes you. Do you know what was my biggest regret after I was shot?

JANE: Never beating me at Poker? Revenge?

WILD BILL: Did I really teach you nothing?

JANE: Don’t tell me you got noble. I know if it were me you would’ve strung him up yourself.

WILD BILL: Jane, every day I spent on the road was nothing compared to what I had with Agnes. That year with her was the best thing I’d ever done.

JANE: She...she can barely talk to me about you. You have no idea how much she misses you.

WILD BILL: No more than I miss her. So do me a favor, don’t become me.

JANE: Keema needs my help.

WILD BILL: Keema, O’Rourke, your lieutenant friend...they won’t give you what you leave behind. I always hear it’s an honor to serve but it’s also an honor to live free.

JANE: I can’t just turn my back on her. Like I turned my back on you...

WILD BILL: My friend, we had a hell of a time. But not once did I think you let me down. You helped me see the vigor in life, enough to want to settle down and enjoy it myself. Don’t wait till my age to do that for yourself. Not for duty, revenge or whatever misguided reasons are warring in that head of yours.

JANE: This why you ‘haunt’ me? to deliver sermons.

JANE: Bill?

JANE: Bill! Wait, where are...

CPT O’ROURKE: It’s not like you to give up.

JANE: You!

JANE (V.O.): I could barely breath. Yet there was O’Rourke, full uniform, neat as ever awaiting my report.

JANE: Don’t give me no grief, I’m close, Captain. I’ll get those papers.

CPT O’ROURKE: You sure? Enemy is also close now. I’m sending the both of you to scout the village ahead.

JANE: they’re just civilians.

CPT O’ROURKE: You ready?

KEEMA: We’ll get the info from that village. Even if we otta burn it to the ground. Scouts honor, sir. C’mon Jane.

JANE: Wait! No, Keema!!!

JANE (CONT’D): Keema...Violet? get me out of here.

JANE: Violet? Violet!

VIOLET: It’s okay, here drink.

VIOLET (CONT’D): What did you see?

JANE: I--where were you?

VIOLET: Waiting. Please sit. You’re shaking. What did you see?

JANE: I looked...there was--Bill? The Captain. Everyone’s in there! How? How are they all in there?

VIOLET: Drink, for your throat.

JANE: None of it is real...this can’t be happening.

VIOLET: You were one with the spiritual world. Everyone has spirits who walk with them, I gave you a moment to speak with yours.

JANE: Keema...I saw her in there. She can’t be dead. Not her, not the captain.

VIOLET: Just because you speak with them does not mean they are dead. Some living souls become trapped in the spirit world if they don’t live fully.

JANE: I can’t let Keema go. I know she didn’t kill the Captain, she ain’t that kinda person.

VIOLET: They warned you, like they warned me back in the cabin. If you don’t let go, it will consume you.

SHERIFF (V.O.): Do you wish you’d listened?

JANE (V.O.): At this point I should’ve known better than to keep drinking. Guess my time with the troupe made me soft, too trusting. I left Violet in search of water to clear my head.


ELOISE: What can I...oh, are you gonna be okay?

JANE: Yeah. Gimme the strongest stuff you got. I need my head set right.

ELOISE: Sure, I’ll get some water...

JANE: No. Bourbon...Please.


JANE: Thank you. How much--?

ELOISE: It’s on the house. Rough night?

JANE: Live entertainment, a warm bed, ain’t nothing rough about it.

ELOISE: You’re not from around here.

JANE: What gave me away?

ELOISE: Most folks in Rapid City have a warm bed.

JANE: Right.

ELOISE: You from the front lines?

JANE: No. Just passing through.

ELOISE: Interesting, there seems to be a lot of that lately.


ELOISE: Yeah, few days back a woman with your vibe stayed here. Slept in the barn, wouldn’t let her horse out of her sight. But she was helpful, gave directions to a few stray stagecoaches. Real good with a gun too.

JANE: She mention a name?

ELOISE: No. But I heard word she was headed to Deadwood.

ELOISE (CONT’D) Whoa, slow down there you’ll fall. You sure you’re okay?

JANE: I’m fine, I need to go.

SHERIFF (V.O.): What happened next?

JANE (V.O.): This is where it gets a bit hazy. I remember looking for Elick.
Knew all signs were pointing me towards...


ELICK: Deadwood? earlier one of the militia men got word there was a manhunt near there but that ain’t out of the ordinary. You sure you’re okay?

JANE: Fine, just fine.

ELICK: Cause if you’re still mad at me, I can handle it myself.

JANE: No. Saddle up, we need to leave now.

JANE (CONT’D): Come on, Dutch. No time for your fussing.

ELICK: Jane, slow down. What happened to you?

JANE: Received a wake up call, that’s all. Come on. We need to get to Deadwood.

ELICK: Aren’t you gonna say bye?

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Episode Cast:

  • Sarah Ruth Thomas as Calamity Jane
  • Nathan Sager as Lieutenant Elick Townsend
  • Gianni Matragrano as Sheriff Boyd
  • Katabelle Ansari as Faith Johnson
  • Shamon Williams as Keema Ballo
  • Enzo Fortuny as Dante Cortez
  • Lili Barba as Violet Silva
  • Robin Robbins as Wild Bill Hickok
  • Mike Cuellar as Vernon Johnson
  • Erin Lillis as Grace Johnson
  • Maya Murphy as Eloise the Bartender


  • Written, Directed & Produced by Jules Siege
  • Casting by Sandra Kyuumei
  • Sound Design by James Findlater
  • Calamity Main Theme is composed by Kevin MacLeod
  • Art Direction by Jocelyn Combe
  • Special Thanks to Den Valdron

Music is provided by Storyblocks unless otherwise noted.

  • Gipsy Caravan by Atlantis Music & Sound SBA-300540696
  • Shamanic Night by Psystein SBA-300540868
  • Gun Club Road by Humans Win SBA-300538528